Mental Health & Wellbeing


A better night's sleep — every night

For people suffering with insomnia, hypnotherapy will help to allow your body and mind to relax by working on good sleep and pre-sleep hygiene, learning tools and techniques for a great nights sleep. Sleep is one of the key ingredients for a happy, healthy life. When we don't sleep well, this affects all aspects of our physical and emotional wellbeing. Working to alter the unconscious habits around sleep, we will work together to formulate a sound sleep plan.

Anxiety, Depression & PTSD

Tools to help manage some of the most difficult mental health issues

At any point in our life, most of us will experience some level of stress reaction, anxiety or low mood (ranging low to severe depression). This can be short lived as a response to an event e.g loss, separation or a traumatic event. Some people may suffer prolonged episodes where stress or anxious thoughts and depression significantly impact on our ability to function and normal daily activities become too difficult to do. Some people may stop going out or to work or stop interacting socially. The fight/flight response can be an unconscious response and is often overused.

Hypnotherapy and coaching can be a fabulous way to manage all manner of mental health issues, designing bespoke programmes with your needs in mind and enabling you to release any negative emotions stored within your mind and body.

If you are experiencing significant difficulties and are in crisis, you can contact the Samaritans 24 hours a day for free on 116 123.

Grief & Loss

Helping you through dealing with the emotions of grief and loss

Loss comes in many forms, the loss of a loved one, a pet, getting a divorce or children leaving home for the first time. The cycle of loss and grief we go through is the same. The path through this process can be extremely difficult.

Hypnotherapy can help process these difficult emotions and use techniques in which the individual can release and let go of some of the hurt and pain that can feel too difficult to bear.

Improving performance

Aim high and achieve with confidence

From enhancing your performance at work, in sports or dealing with the fear associated with passing exams, hypnotherapy can help you achieve what you want to achieve with confidence. The power of visualisation has been used for many elite athletes to enhance their sports performance.

It may be standing up in front of an audience public speaking brings you out in a cold sweat, dry mouth, upset tummy; or the thought of going for an interview is so scary, you don't put yourself through it and never really go for that promotion you really wanted because you didn't believe.

With coaching and hypnosis you can create your confident self and put those skills to use in real life.


Take back your control and be free of your addiction

Hypnotherapy is an evidenced based treatment for addiction and the associated problems that come with addiction. Using hypnosis I can help you achieve perspective on your addictive behaviours, which might normally seem impossible. Many people access coaching and hypnotherapy to help manage their addiction from alcohol, cannabis and cocaine.

People undergoing hypnotherapy for long-term addiction have been able to break free from their habits by working on their associated behaviour patterns. Working to strengthen your willpower and self-belief, hypnotherapy can be very effective to work with and rid you of your addiction and the associated urges.

You can call Frank drugs helpline on 0300 123 6600 24 hours a day.

Hypnocoaching to help with general health and nutrition

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