What is Hypnocoaching?

Hypnocoaching is a combination of hypnotherapy and coaching

There are many benefits for combining these two together — working therapeutically with hypnotherapy and adding in a more structured approach of achieving goals and outcomes in coaching.

Being multi-trained as a therapist and a coach, I use a range of tools and techniques to adapt to the needs of the individual. This ensures a very personalised approach to every client.

My role is to empower people to address and overcome the challenges they face by helping them to behave and think differently.

Hypnocoaching is not something I do to you — it requires your input and commitment to make the desired changes in your life.

How does Hypnocoaching work?


Coaching is a process that aims to help the individual focus on the here and now, with the coach (me) helping to facilitate you to identify your blocks, working through the required steps to make the desired change. Coaching can help you to tap into and unlock your potential and achieve the desired goals you want.

How does Hypnocoaching work?


Hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation during which suggestions are made to create beneficial changes in ideas or behavior.

There are two parts of the mind: the conscious and the unconscious. Normally we think with our rational conscious minds and are aware of ourselves and our thoughts.

The unconscious mind controls our thoughts, impulses, habits, beliefs and memories. The deep state of relaxation achieved during hypnosis can access the unconscious mind, making it receptive to suggestions and new ideas, encouraging sensible, balanced or new helpful attitudes to reality.

Working together

How Hypnocoaching can help

For some conditions, regression techniques can be used. This may mean re-examining (without necessarily re-experiencing) events which influenced us at an earlier time in life. By bringing these memories to the surface, the unconscious mind is able to discharge the negative effects and can be ‘reprogrammed’ for success.

I will also teach you techniques and self-hypnosis that you will be able to use at home.

You can read more about General Hypnotherapy Standards here and Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council Standards here.

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